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We thoroughly inspect the structure to determine the path and entry point of the nuisance animal. A humane live trap will be placed as close to the entry point as possible. Once an animal is captured it will be relocated to a rural location with plenty of trees and water.

Most nuisance animals are territorial, closing the entry point with out trapping and relocating the animal can cause more damage and re-entry. Since we place the trap close to the entry point this helps insure that we are not trapping the whole neighborhood just the ones that call your place home..

What is that noise in the  attic?

If you are hearing bumping and scratching in the night it is probably Roof Rats.

If you are hearing running and jumping during the day you probably have Squirrels.

Neither one is good to have living in your home.

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The weather is changing and the insects and rodents are on the move.  Don't let your home be their next stop.  Shop our Pest Control Specials

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